Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


Faculty in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences field study three main themes: geology, climate and meteorology, and soils

Specific research areas include:

  • soil biology, soil physics and soil chemistry
  • glacial geology
  • geobiology
  • geochemistry
  • climate modelling
  • micrometeorology
  • soil and land resource management

Genevieve Ali

Research interests: watershed sciences, hydrology-ecology interactions, precipitation-runoff modelling, landscape classification, environmental data science

Emmanuelle Arnaud

Research interests: glacial geology, geology and groundwater, sedimentary geology, environmental geology

Asim Biswas 

Research interests: soil physics, vadose zone hydrology, precision agriculture, proximal soil sensing, digital soil mapping, soil spatial variability

Kari Dunfield

Research interests: environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, soil microbiology, bioremediation

Adam Gillespie

Research interests: soil biochemistry, organic matter chemistry, soil health, carbon modelling, environmental spectroscopy, digital soil mapping

Susan Glasauer

Research interests: wetlands, biogeochemistry, metals, microbiology, soil chemistry

Beverley Hale

Research interests: ecotoxicology, soil contaminants, soil remediation, metals, risk assessment

Richard Heck

Research interests: pedology, computed tomography, structure, magnetic susceptibility

Scott Krayenhoff

Research interests: urban climate modelling, adaptation, trees

John Lauzon

Research interests: soil science, soil fertility, soil management, nutrient management

James Longstaffe

Research interests: environmental chemistry, natural organic matter, soil chemistry, soil and groundwater contamination, environmental remediation, analytical instrumentation

Ivan O'Halloran

Research interests: nutrient management, phosphorus cycling, soil fertility, phosphorus loss mitigation

Laura Van Eerd

Research interests: sustainable soil management, agriculture, cover crops, nitrogen biogeochemical cycling, soil health

Paul Voroney

Research interests: soil organic matter stocks, soil carbon modeling, soil phosphorus availability

Claudia Wagner-Riddle

Research interests: soil-plant-atmosphere exchange, micrometeorology, biogeochemical cycling

Jon Warland

Research interests: agricultural meteorology, measurement and modelling of atmospheric turbulent transport, environmental instrumentation, agricultural physics