Scott Krayenhoff

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Associate Professor
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(519) 824-4120 Ext. 56868
Alexander Hall Room 108

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Ph.D. Geography, University of British Columbia
M.Sc. Geography, University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. (Hons) Atmospheric Science, University of British Columbia

Research overview

I study the impacts of urban and agricultural development on local climate. I develop and apply numerical models across multiple scales, from individual streets to whole cities and their rural surroundings. Model applications include assessment of urban heat islands and their causation, mitigation of urban heat with vegetation and reflective surfaces, assessment of pedestrian thermal comfort, and dynamical downscaling of global climate model projections. I have particular expertise on modelling the local climate impacts of urban street tree planting. For example, I try to understand how much cooler our cities will be in summertime if more trees are planted, and how this might help offset projected warming from climate change. My work spans the majority of topics treated in the recent text Urban Climates by Oke et al. (2017).


----- May 2024: I currently have one PhD position available. This position will focus on advanced development and application of urban climate modelling tools. The research scope is likely to be adaptation to heat waves via street trees and other novel infrastructures. A background in Atmospheric Science/Meteorology or closely related field is strongly preferred. Excellent quantitative skills as evidenced by the applicant's academic and/or professional background are required. Please email me if you think you may qualify. The position will remain open until filled with a suitable candidate. -----


Research Foci

Urban heat islands
Cooling hot cities / climate change adaptation
Regional climate modeling and dynamical downscaling
Local climate effects of urban trees
Pedestrian thermal comfort
Urban meteorological model development
Urban thermal anisotropy
Climate impacts of photovoltaic arrays
Canopy micrometeorology

Select recent publications (for complete list, see Google Scholar profile)


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Area of Research

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences