Prospective Graduate Students


Watch the Master of Environmental Science video on YouTube
Master of Environmental Science (MES), a one-year course-based Master in Environmental Sciences
Watch the Master of Science video on YouTube
Master of Science (MSc), a two-year thesis-based Master of Science in Environmental Sciences


Application Deadlines

  • MES – Domestic April 30th, International January 10th
  • MSc – Entry in all semesters
  • PhD – Entry in all semesters

Details on how to apply for graduate positions.

Research Areas

Faculty in the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) conduct research in the life and physical sciences to address critical environmental issues and processes related to the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.  

SES research is organized into three broad research areas: Earth and Atmospheric Science, Ecosystem science and biodiversity and Plant and Environmental Health.  Many faculty are also involved in interdisciplinary research initiatives.

Available Positions

Prospective students are encouraged to explore the research conducted in SES as well as find specific faculty by visiting our research pages for each of the research areas listed above. For an excellent overview of all of our offered graduate programs and all faculty members and their research areas, refer to this document. You can also consult the Graduate Student Positions Available page.  There are likely opportunities beyond those listed here; you are encouraged to contact faculty members conducting research in your area of interest to investigate additional opportunities.