Research Chairs

Madhur Anand

University Research Chair in Sustainability Science

Research focus: coupled human-environment sustainability and global ecological change, effects of stress and disturbance on ecosystems including agricultural impacts, development of modelling and statistical approaches to understand complex ecological systems, forest ecology.

Kari Dunfield

Canada Research Chair in Environmental Microbiology (Tier 2) 

Research focus: understanding of the environmental impact of agro-ecosystems by using DNA analysis to study living organisms in soils and water. 

Ernesto Guzman

Pinchin Family Chair in Honey Bee Health

Research focus: honey bee diseases, causes of bee mortality and solutions to ensure healthy and productive bee populations

Nigel Raine

Rebanks Family Chair in Pollinator Conservation

Research focus: impacts of environmental stressors on bees, pollinator behaviour and pollination ecology

Cynthia Scott-Dupree

Bayer CropScience Chair in Sustainable Pest Management 

Research focus: sustainable pest management, with focus on insect pests, impacts of agroecosystems on benefitial insects, environmental toxicology