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If you are interested in our of our Bachelor degrees, please select one of our programs below for more information

BBRM - Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management, Environmental Management Major

The program combines a solid background in environmental science and management with business, using a mix of theoretical and applied study. 

BSc. ENV - Bachelor of  Science in Environmental Science, Environmental Sciences Major

This major provides a foundation in the life and physical sciences, combined with economic, legal and policy aspects of environmental issues. Students gain understanding of environmental processes at the surface of the Earth, where complex interactions involving soils, rocks, water, air and living organisms regulate ecosystems and provide life-sustaining resources. 

BSc - Bachelor of Science, Environmental Biology Major

The Environmental Biology major combines a broad education in the life sciences with a more specialized understanding of the biological consequences of interactions between humans and the environment.

BSc - Bachelor of Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice

In this degree you will consider and integrate Indigenous methodologies and world views in your pursuit of thoughtful environmental stewardship.  By braiding together Indigenous and non-Indigenous practices, graduates of this program will see the world through a unique, diverse and valuable lens. Core courses will address Indigenous knowledge systems, land-based teachings and Indigenous-settler relations in Canada, including the legal and political context that surrounds environmental decision making in our country. 

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