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B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan


My general research interest is on the quantification of soil morphology at several scales of observation. At the local catchment scale we are employing high-resolution airborne remote sensing techniques: a) visible/near-infrared imaging of soil and crops are used to reveal variations in soil type, b) computerized photogrammetry of stereo-airphotos and Lidar imaging are used to generate digital elevation models, from which landform quantification is performed. At the pedon/polypedon scale, we are employing thermal imaging and non-contacting magnetic induction techniques (electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility) to generate, through inversion modeling, 3D soil models. At the sub-pedon scale, we are employing high-resolution digital imaging of soil thin sections, as well as X-ray micro-computed tomography (mCT), combined with pixel- and context-based image processing, to reveal the spatial configuration of soil components. We have on-going collaborations with researchers in Canada, the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.


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NSERC DG (2008 - 2013)

NPFVGA (2013)

OMAFRA (2012-2015)

GFO (2012-2015)





Certificate of Recognition, from the Ontario Innovation Trust, for “Advancing Innovative Research and Discovery through Infrastructure for Assessing Field-Scale Soil and Crop Variability and the Development of Site-Specific Management Practices”


Research Area

pedology, computed tomography, structure, magnetic susceptibility


Area of Research

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences