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ENVS*6900 Student Research Proposal Presentations

Presentation Time: 10:10AM Presenter: Abdurraouf Abaya Presentation Title: Control of Fusarium Head Blight of wheat (Triticum aestivum) caused by Fusarium graminearum using biological agents and disease resistance activators *********************************************** Presentation Time: 10:45AM Presenter: Kimberly Zupfer Presentation Title: Evaluating the feasibility of using Alyssum murale for phytoremediation of nickel-contaminated soils ***********************************************

Jennifer Baltzer Guest SES Seminar Series

Jennifer is the CRC in Forests and Global Change, Wilfrid Laurirer University. "Land cover change in high latitude ecosystems."

GSC Annual Pancake Breakfast

 Join your GSC for breakfast @ Bovey Greenhouse Cafe  starting at 10:00am until supplies last! Details: $5 per person OR $3 if you bring your own plate, utensils, and mug!    See you there!

Mike Dixon Guest SES Seminar Series

"Improving Irrigation Management Strategies in Ontario's Tree Nurseries" High mortality rates among most species of nursery trees after transplanting is generally blamed on water stress imposed by a variety of soil and other environmental conditions. This study examined the efficacy of a consortium of micorrhyzae, comprised of twenty species of both endo and ecto mycorrhyzae, to mitigate drought stress and reduce irrigation requirements when inoculated into the root zone of recently transplanted trees.

SES Seminar Series Guest Jim Roy

Dr Jim Roy Research Scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada A search for phosphorus in groundwater discharging to Georgian Bay at Wasaga Beach  The nutrient phosphorus is a key contributor to eutrophication issues such as harmful algal blooms and low dissolved oxygen levels, which affect many Canadian freshwaters, including Georgian Bay. Groundwater inputs of phosphorus to freshwater lakes and streams have generally been assumed negligible, given its tendency to sorb to soils, or have been derived solely from the numbers of active cottage septic systems.

SES is hosting opportunties for Graduate School night for undergrads

We are hosting  a SES Grad info night Tuesday, January 26 th.  This an informal event for undergraduates to learn about graduate school and opportunities and ask lots of questions. Past events have been very successful, and the students have lots of questions for both current grad students and faculty. It's similar to speed dating in that students get to meet with several faculty to discuss their research etc.  Come and see if Graduate School is for you. 5:30-7:00 PM @ THE GRAD LOUNGE @ THE UC 5TH FLOOR.  BRING A FRIEND! Free appetizers.  

M.Sc. Thesis Examination - Brandes Struger-Kalkman

Thesis Title: Using polymerase chain reaction to characterize recent prey consumption of the slender running crab spider, Tibellus Simon (Araneae: Philodromidae) Everyone is welcome to attend.

FarmSmart Conference

See attached and website: Cost: OSCIA Members $80 Non-members $115 Students/youth $40

SES Seminar Ryan Norris

 Life on the edge: the ecology and behaviour of Gray Jays in Algonquin Park  Ryan Norris is an Associate Professor and University Research Chair in the Department of Integrative Biology. His research primarily focuses on the ecology and conservation of migratory animals, including birds and butterflies (

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