Rebecca Hallett

Professor and Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies)
Phone number: 
(519) 824-4120 Ext.54488 Room: ECBL 2240
EC Bovey Building


BSc (Biogeography), Toronto;

MPM, PhD (Entomology) Simon Fraser


Vegetable and field crop pest management, population dynamics of alien and invasive species, chemical ecology of insects, insect-plant interactions, climate change impacts on invasive species.

Meet Prof. Rebecca Hallett

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Rebecca Hallett is a professor in our School of Environmental Sciences. Her research focuses on the management of pest species in agricultural systems.

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  • G.P. McRostie Faculty Award (for outstanding advising and mentoring), OAC Alumni Foundation. September 21, 2011.

Research Area

integrated pest management, biological control, invasive insect species, insect-plant interactions, insect population dynamics


Area of Research

Plant and Environmental Health