Applied Ecology & Pest Management – Graduate Student Position with Rebecca Hallett

Host-plant interactions and pheromone-based action thresholds of the invasive swede midge in canola. Project summary: I am currently seeking an enthusiastic, committed, and hard-working graduate student (Ph.D. or M.Sc.) interested in elucidating the impact of swede midge on canola growth and yield, and applying that knowledge to the development of pheromone-based action thresholds for use in canola to manage the invasive pest, Contarinia nasturtii.

SES Summer Fiesta - All welcome to attend

Please join us for our annual Summer Fiesta at the Bullring on Campus.  Mexican Themed buffet and cash bar.

If you purchase your tickets by June 8th  Tickets: Staff, faculty and guests: $10.00 Summer students and grads:$5.00 kids under 12 $2.50.

After that they are $20.00 for all. 

Stephanie Vickers in Alexander Hall and Jo Scarrow in Bovey have tickets.


MSc and PhD positions in project 'Diverse cropping systems as a best management practice: Insight from lysimeters on soil health, air, and water quality' available at University of Guelph for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to study the impact of crop rotation diversification soil, air and water quality, specifically addressing the questions: (i) are diverse cropping systems actually beneficial for air and water quality? (ii) what are the trade‐offs between soil, water,and air quality upon implementing a diverse cropping rotation?

See attached PDF for all the details.

PhD Student Assistantship at University of Guelph: Measure, quantify and model GHG emission

An assistantship (3 years) is available for a PhD program at the University of Guelph through Research Affiliate Program of AAFC. The assistantship is available right way with actual degree starting from September 2016. This is a great opportunity to work on a multi institutional project with leaders in the field (Dr. Elizabeth Pattey, AAFC, Ottawa; Prof. Ian Strachan, McGill University; and Prof. Asim Biswas, University of Guelph).

MSc and PhD positions in 'Soil Carbon Storage and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Modelling' available at University of Guelph for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to study the impact of crop rotation diversification on soil carbon storage and greenhouse gas mitigation. Research activities will involve:

1)obtaining baseline data for a long‐term field infrastructure (lysimeters) dedicated to the study of soil health and its impacts on soil ecosystem services;

2) an inter‐comparison of models (DayCent, DNDC) using data from soil lysimeters and long‐term experiments to assess their applicability for estimating soil water, carbon and nitrogen dynamics for Ontario conditions;

The Webster Post-Doctoral Fellowship deadline is April 15,2016

Webster Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Environmental Sciences Established in honour of the late Earle J.D. Webster, the Webster Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Environmental Sciences was created to fund ground-breaking environmental science research toward making a better planet. Webster attended OAC in 1927, and later went on to distinguish himself as an elementary school educator and author. He showed lifelong interest in both geology and forestry.

Pollinator conservation project seeks vegetable or fruit growers in Chatham-Kent or Elgin counties

With funding under the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI), the University of Guelph, in partnership with Farms at Work, is looking for 3 farms interested in hosting demonstration pollinator plantings within Chatham-Kent or Elgin Counties. These pollinator plantings will be designed in consultation with the host farm to integrate into the farm’s production system and accomplish other Best Management Practices such as controlling erosion or preventing nutrient loss on the farm.

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