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MES program

Information for new students

Welcome to the School of Environmental Sciences! Please see the MES Welcome Package.​


SES graduate policy document

All SES graduate policies can be found here: SES Graduate Student Policies (2021/01/18)

The Graduate Calendar is the foremost source for information concerning university-level regulations of graduate studies in general and SES academic programs in particular.


Program Requirements

The program consists of either 6 courses and a major research project (ENVS*6500), or 8 courses. There are two required courses that MES students must take, ENVS*6501 and ENVS*6502 and the remainder of your program is composed of elective courses.  ENVS*6501 is a course where students examine a range of environmental issues focusing on the interplay between science and policy. ENVS*6502 is a seminar-based required course that enables students to examine a range of environmental issues by critically evaluating the literature and discussing and debating various perspectives; the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems is highlighted. Emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking and oral and written communication skills.  

For your courses, you will be able to choose from a number of disciplinary specific seminar courses, independent study courses and lab or field courses spanning the following broad areas of expertise within the school: Earth and atmospheric science, soil sciences, and environmental biology.  This allows students to tailor their program to their interests and personal goals.  Students may also select related courses from other departments on campus.  

For more information see the full program requirements in the graduate calendar.


Major Research Project

If you chose to carry out a research project (ENVS 6500), you will have an advisory committee that consists of your project advisor (a faculty member from SES or your external advisor if your project is with an external partner) and one other graduate faculty (second reader) chosen in consultation with your faculty advisor.  If your project is with an external partner, you will have two co-advisors, one SES faculty and the advisor from the external organization.  The external advisor must obtain graduate faculty status to be on your advisory committee, by submitting a Graduate Nomination package consisting of a CV and completed Graduate Faculty Nomination form.  This may take some time so you will want to initiate this process as soon as possible.

A Learning Contract must be submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant with your course waiver.     

Students who have completed a research project will present their findings at a public presentation in the department before the end of the semester.  Once your major research project is finalized, it can be submitted to the Atrium (UofGuelph's digital repository).  This allows student reports to be available online for others to see and provides a permanent link that can be used in electronic resumes or e‐portfolios. Once the student has received a final grade for their research project report, they will be contacted by the Atrium Online Repository staff with instructions on how to submit their report. The process will include selecting appropriate creative commons and distribution licenses.  For more information, consult this link for details on how to submit to the Atrium.


Common Forms, Policies and Procedures

Graduate courses

Please refer to the SES Graduate Courses page for information on SES courses and current semester offerings. You may also wish to refer to the University Graduate Calendar course listing for information about all SES Graduate courses.

Students must register for courses through WebAdvisor (see Tutorial). You may also search for course availability by semester through WebAdvisor.

NOTE: Students may need to fill out a course waiver/request form with instructor consent to register in some of our courses.  For Special Topics courses (section 01) where the graduate coordinator is listed as Instructor: please be advised that students will need to identify a faculty advisor who will work with them on a one-on-one basis to complete the course BEFORE the form is signed by the graduate coordinator. When submitting the form for signature, please state the name of faculty advisor you have identified.  All forms need to be complete, filled out in full and in one .pdf file to be accepted. This includes collecting the signature from instructors that are not the Graduate Coordinator.  Students should send completed forms to the Graduate Secretary;  she will ensure that the forms are signed and returned to students in a timely manner.


Contact Information

If you require more information or assistance, please contact:

SES Graduate Program Assistant

Jean Wolting (acting GPA)
phone: 1-519-824-4120 ext. 53937
office location: Alexander Hall 275

SES Graduate Coordinator

Asim Biswas (MES program)
phone: 1-519-824-4120 ext. 54249
office location: ALEX 135

SES MES program Advisor

Dr. Kim Bolton
phone: 1-519-824-4120 ext. 52266
office location: ALEX 260