Special Topics Project Outline Forms


Special Topics courses provide an opportunity for students to take one-on-one specially designed courses with individual instructors. The instructor needs to be a faculty member of SES, although graduate students from outside of SES can take these courses. The student needs to find a professor in SES who is willing to guide them on this course.

To enroll, the student needs to fill out a course waiver form. Then the signature of the Instructor is needed where it says "Instructor Consent"

The form then should be sent to the Graduate Program Assistant (ses.gradsec@uoguelph.ca), who needs a copy of the form for departmental records, and who will obtain the Graduate Coordinator signature in the "Graduate Coordinator Approval" or "Program Approval" box.

The signed form will then be emailed back to the student who needs to submit it to the Registrar's office (in person or by email to ups@registrar.uoguelph.ca).

The student will also need to fill out a course project outline form (see forms below) in consultation with the Instructor (signature needed).

By the end of the course-add period, this course project outline form should be sent to Debbie MacDonald (dmacdona@uoguelph.ca).

Forms by Course Code