Scholarships and Awards for OAC Students deadline April 1st.

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Scholarships and Awards for OAC Students Application deadlines are approaching for our OAC Fall Awards. Below is a link to the Student Financial Services website that lists all internal scholarships, bursaries and awards. Please take a look to see which awards you are eligible for and the application details.

All of the scholarships below have a fast approaching deadline of APRIL 1. Please see the following links for eligibility requirements.
Craig Pearson International Research Scholarship [I5256]
Deborah Whale/Poultry Industry Council Graduate Scholarship [I5242]

Gerald R. Stephenson Scholarship [I5863]

Monsanto Plant Science Research Scholarship [I5149]

OAC 1950 International Research Travel Grant [Z5736]

Taffy Davison Memorial Research Travel Grant [T5020]

Vineland Centennial Horticultural Scholarship [I5934]

Walter and Laura Scott Tree-Fruit Scholarship [I5284]

Cecil H. Franklin Graduate Scholarship in Soil and Water Conservation [I5134]

Tips and Tricks for your applications: Please read the descriptions carefully, each award has its own criteria, application process and application requirements. If applications are due to the OAC Awards Office, please attach your application to an email and email it to Please be sure to include the award title and award ID number in the subject line of your email. Please also include your first and last name and your student ID number on your application.

Note for SES students: If you read an award description that indicates it is for students studying "Land Resource Science" or students in the "Department of Land Resource Science", if you meet the criteria, please apply. We are working through updating these descriptions to say "School of Environmental Sciences" instead of "Land Resource Science".

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