Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Soil Biogeochemistry

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2015

Why can we remediate hydrocarbons at some soil sites but not others?  Is it related to the ecology of how phosphorus moves through soil ecosystems?  Or is it related to how C horizon microbial communities develop and respond?   A post-doctoral position is available in the Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan to work with Steven Siciliano, Industrial Research Chair in In Situ Risk Assessment and Remediation.   Join an academic research team working with Federated Cooperatives Limited Sustainable Innovation group, to develop new technologies & approaches for in situ remediation of hydrocarbons.  Over the next two years, work on the design and deployment of a novel bioaugmentation system that will occur across western Canada.  

Your duties would include the use of structural equation modelling to explore how microbial communities respond to amendments specifically targeted to alter phosphorus cycling.   You would also use novel stable isotope probing methods to monitor phosphorus in the subsurface.    In addition to these research activities, you would be expected to participate with the industrial research team, organize quarterly outreach activities and supervise undergraduate experiential learning.   As such, you should expect to work closely with the team of 14 graduate students, 3 technicians, 4 undergraduates and a research associate that work daily on issues pertaining to risk assessment and remediation of contaminated soils.

Ideally, your background includes substantial biometric, stable isotope or bioinformatics experience in a soil or geological setting.  Having one of these three skills is essential to success at this position.   However, the key requirement is the desire and ability to work in a team research setting as six large research sites require an integrated approach to understanding how we can improve the management of contaminated sites in Western Canada.   

If interested, please send a CV and a short paragraph explaining how your background prepares you for this position, to  

Steven Siciliano
NSERC/COOP Industrial Research Chair in In Situ Remediation and Risk Assessment
Director, CREATE Human and Ecological Risk Assessment Program

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