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Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

An M.Sc. position is available (Start date: September, 2014) for a student with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture, crop production and entomology. This position will focus on the biology and management of the Carrot Weevil.


  • an biological sciences with courses and an interest in  integrated pest management and entomology is essential;
  • demonstrated experience working with crop production and agronomy, and hands-on experience with plot/field research is valuable;
  • strong organizational skills and a strong work-ethic are essential;
  • must possess a Class G Driver’s License;
  • should be fluent in English; and
  • excellent oral and written communication skills.

Project description:

The carrot weevil (CW) is serious pest of carrots in southern Ontario. The larvae cause direct damage to the harvestable crop. High levels of damage occur in some years, despite monitoring and insecticide sprays. This project will focus on the development of new or modification of existing IPM strategies for CW with specific focus on the following objectives:

1. Study the biology of CW : a) determine if there is a correlation between day degree predictions and trap counts; b) determine if there is a second generation of CW in the Holland Marsh region of Ontario: and, c) determine relationships between environmental stresses ( e.g., heat and drought) on survival of larvae and damage to the crop; and

2. Evaluate reduced risk insecticides and methods of insecticide application for management of the CW in commercial carrot fields.

3. 3. Assess the potential effects of CW management options on non-target beneficial insects that inhabit the agroecosystem in the Holland Marsh.

Student Location: Academic studies and lab research will be at the University of Guelph  (School of Environmental Sciences/ Plant Agriculture) – Main Campus, Guelph, Ontario; Field research will be conducted at the University of Guelph – Muck Crops Research Station located at the Bradford/Holland Marsh  (

Funding:  The successful candidate will be provided with a graduate stipend according to the University of Guelph Graduate Program Policies ( for 2 years (6 semesters).

Primary Contacts:

Dr. Cynthia Scott-Dupree, Professor – School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph; Email:

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