Clarification re OMAF-UoG Partnership - Winter 2014 KTT Funding Call - OAC internal deadline - April 10, 2014

Posted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Please note - all KTT Funding applications must have a complete OR5 uploaded and attached to the application in the RMS system.  


All submissions are due in RMS by April 14th 2014: 12:30pm.  In order to meet this deadline please have your fully signed OR5 package (including PDF copy of the application) submitted to no later than end of day Thursday, April 10, 2014 in order for the OAC Dean's Office to process for signature and return to each researcher to be uploaded into the RMS system.

See link for full call details:

For clarification: While the same OR5 form is used, in this case the OR5 is not processed by the “central” Office of Research (Office of Research Services located in the UC).

The OMAF/UoG Partnership Programs are handled by the OMAF-MRA-UoG Partnership Office (located in 1 Stone Road) for which the online RMS system is used.

The OR5 and application is processed/signed by the “OMAF-MRA-UoG” Office of Research and Rich Moccia, AVPR (Strategic Partnerships) after being uploaded and submitted via the RMS system.

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