2023 LIBRANNI magazine: SES alumni

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2023

The LIBRANNI magazine is the annual OAC alumni publication. This year's publication is covering the stories of three SES alumni.

A starting point for reconciliation

Featuring Dr. Cara Wehkamp: M.Sc. 2004, PhD 2010

Dr. Wehkamp is a two-time SES graduate and currently, she is the University of Guelph’s assistant vice-president for Indigenous initiatives. She says: “During my undergraduate degree, there was no representation for First Nations, Inuit or Métis students. During my master’s, a number of Indigenous students came together, and we formed the Aboriginal Student Association.” One of her many important responsibilities is to help the campus community with land acknowledgements. 

Full article about Dr. Cara Wehkamp.


Dear Inuvik, I love you

Featuring Kelly Kamo McHugh, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences 2014

Kelly Kamo McHugh arrived in Inuvik, Northwest Territories a few months after graduating. She works as an environmental technician working on the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway with a focus on STEM outreach. She works closely with Inuvialuit and Gwich’in community members. She says: "We want to continue to build up the capacity so that they can run their own programs for their own land, for their own cultural sites, infrastructure and cabins.”

Full article about Kelly Kamo McHugh.


Insects for dinner, anyone?

Featuring Matt Muzzatti, M.Sc. in Environmental Science 2019

Matt Muzzatti is now a PhD student at Carleton University. He works with Entomo Farms, North America's largest cricket farm. His research focuses on optimizing nutrition for farmed crickets. He says about eating insects: "There are too many good reasons to use insects as a form of protein. I think one reason people are so hesitant is because they haven’t tried a well-prepared dish using insect ingredients. It can be a great-tasting ingredient.”

Full article about Matt Muzzatti


All articles were originally published in the LIBRANNI 2023 / Vol. 5


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