URA/USRA Positions available - Apply!

Posted on Thursday, February 13th, 2020

URA Positions:

URA (Undergraduate Research Assistantship) positions provide summer  research opportunities for students which demonstrated financial need.

  • Job ID: 77957 - "Production of Novel Herbaceous Crops with Medicinal Potential" with the lab of Prof. Thomas Graham
  • Job ID: 77998 - "Assessing Human Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems" with the lab of Prof. Neil Rooney
  • Job ID: 78015 - "Cover Crop Mix Trial" with the lab of Prof. Laura van Eerd
  • Job ID: 78195 - "Waterborne Pathogens and Fecal Indicators in Southern Ontario Source Waters" with the lab of Prof. Marc Habash
  • Job ID: 78202 - "Digital Characterization of the Microstructure of Canadian Soils" with the lab of Prof. Richard Heck

USRA Positions:

USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Award) positions are a 16 weeks of full-time employment and will be paid a minimum salary of $8,888 based on $14.00/hour, which includes 4% vacation pay and 9% statutory benefits pay. It is a great chance to obtain research experience.

  • Job ID 78688 - "Net Carbon Balance and Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Climate-Smart Agroecosystems" with the lab of Prof. Claudia Wagner-Riddle
  • Job ID 78687 - "Enhancing Soil Health and Phosphorus-use Efficiency for Crop Production" with the lab of Prof. James Lonstaffe
  • Job ID 78686 - "Three-dimensional Pedestrian Heat Exposure Assessment Across Ontario Urban Streetscapes" with the lab of Prof. Scott Krayenhoff
  • Job ID 78684 - "Investigating the Soil Microbiome" with the lab of Prof. Kari Dunfield
  • Job ID 78683 - "Impact of Glaciation on Groundwater Vulnerability" with the lab of Prof. Emmanuelle Arnaud
  • Job ID 78679 - "Modeling Water and Pollutant Connectivity in Pristine and Human-impacted Landscapes" with the lab of Prof. Geneviève Ali

To apply, go to www.experienceguelph.ca and search for the job ID.

Application deadlines

  • URA: February 14, 11:59PM
  • USRA: February 28, 11:59PM


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