Insect Collection Curator position with the School of Environmental Sciences

Posted on Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Reporting to the Director of the School of Environmental Sciences, this position will be responsible for the curation of the University of Guelph Insect Collection, which is Canada’s oldest insect collection.  This includes the oversight for the cataloguing, accessioning, georeferencing, general maintenance, expansion, utilization and management of Insect Collection.  The Curator will be expected to leverage the collection to support faculty and student research, including OMAFRA program priorities.  In addition, the Curator will support SES undergraduate courses that utilize arthropod specimens. The Curator is expected to support the public outreach functions of the collection, include the hosting of school groups, donors, visiting researchers or other interested groups, and to provide taxonomic expertise in support of diagnostic identifications of pests and other significant arthropods. Responsibilities include: identifying new species, conducting insect based research, preparation of specimens, processing loans, electronic databasing, maintenance of lab facilities/equipment, and assisting students involved in those activities.  In addition, the Curator will be expected to write proposals to support the collection with external funding, and to lead and participate in scientific publications relating to the collection.
Requirements of the position: Master’s degree in Entomology (PhD preferred) or related field.   Formal training in taxonomy and generalist training in entomology are required.  Candidates should demonstrate extensive curatorial experience with insects, familiarity with the groups of insects that make up the majority of the Insect Collection and broad taxonomic expertise spanning all insect orders.  A publication record that demonstrates the ability to synthesize and utilize data from a large insect collection would be considered an asset.

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