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you Tube Video- Meet Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

ginseng, tobacco, soil, bacteria, fungi, molecular biology

you Tube Video- Meet Nigel Raine

Nigel Raine

pollinator conservation, pollinator behaviour, impacts of environmental stressors on bees, pollination ecology

you Tube Video- Meet Neil Rooney

Neil Rooney

food web stability, biodiversity environmental assessment, aquaculture, agricultural effects

You Tube Video- Meet Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

controlled environments, life support, space exploration

You Tube Video- Meet Madhur Anand

Madhur Anand

global ecological change, sustainability science, forest ecology, ecological modelling, biodiversity

You Tube Video- Meet Laura Van Eerd

Laura Van Eerd

sustainable soil management, agriculture, cover crops, nitrogen biogeochemical cycling, soil health

You Tube Video- Meet Kari Dunfield

Kari Dunfield

environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, soil microbiology, bioremediation

You Tube Video- Meet James Longstaffe

James Longstaffe

environmental chemistry, natural organic matter, soil and groundwater contamination, remediation, analytical instrumentation

You Tube Video- Meet Ivan O'Halloran

Ivan O'Halloran

nutrient management, phosphorus cycling, soil fertility, phosphorus loss mitigation

You Tube Video- Meet Ernesto Guzman

Ernesto Guzman

bee biology, bee pathology, bee behaviour, bee genetics, bee ecology