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Richard Heck

pedology, computed tomography, structure, magnetic susceptibility

Jon Warland

agricultural meteorology, measurement and modelling of atmospheric turbulent transport, environmental instrumentation, agricultural physics
You Tube Video- Meet Ryan Prosser

Ryan Prosser

Mollusk biology, ecotoxicology, ecological risk assessment, aquatic toxicology, soil toxicology

YouTube Video - Meet Tom Hsiang

Tom Hsiang

turfgrass diseases, forest pathology, fungal genomics
YouTube Video - Meet Asim Biswas

Asim Biswas

soil physics, vadose zone hydrology, precision agriculture, proximal soil sensing, digital soil mapping, soil spatial variability

you Tube Video- Meet Youbin Zheng

Youbin Zheng

cannabis production, controlled environment agriculture, greenhouse production, environmental horticulture

you Tube Video- Meet Rebecca Hallett

Rebecca Hallett

integrated pest management, biological control, invasive insect species, insect-plant interactions, insect population dynamics

you Tube Video- Meet Paul Sibley

Paul Sibley

toxicology, ecology, water quality, risk assessment