New Staff/Student School of Environmental Sciences Safety Orientation Seminar

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This is Mandatory for all NEW STAFF & STUDENTS within the School of Environmental Sciences -Safety Orientation Seminar May 14, 2015 3:00 – 4:00 pm Rm. 265, Alexander Hall - Introduction to the School of Environmental Sciences

- Due diligence and the importance of safety. - Ultimate goal is to protect you in a safe working environment

Safety and Security Emergency Procedures and Workplace Hazards - accidents and medical attention - who to inform immediately (Greg Callow) .

- floods, loss of power, alarms etc.& - personal safety- working alone, emergency phones, locking doors etc.

- resource people - who to talk to for help, ie. Secretaries, other staff and faculty.

- OSHA - responsibility of supervisor for students and employees

Laboratory Safety and Protocol - laboratory equipment.; training, borrowing, maintaining, cleaning, log books, breakage, no food or drinks, transporting chemicals, no grinding soils in laboratories, careful transporting balances, etc...& Chemical, Biological and Physical Safety - W.H.M.I.S, M.S.D.S - protective equipment; lab. coats, gloves, eye-wear, gas and particle masks, ;proper use of fumehoods, contact lenses around volatile chemicals, face shields, ear protection, closed toe shoes.

- hazards, eye wash stations, showers, spills, storage, waste disposal and forms.

- gases - proper handling

- safe handling and transport of chemicals: acids, bases and solvents          

Field Safety and Awareness - plan ahead - research stations and private farms - first aid kit, work boots, gloves, sun-screen, water, hard hats, rain gear etc.. - specialized training for any equipment - working with a buddy - lifting - driving vehicles – valid driver’s license, UoG employee, check vehicle fluids, tires, special winter precautions include checking window washer fluid, wiper blades, clearing snow and ice, shovel, emergency kit etc.

- field sample storage - labeled milk crates - freezer, refrigerator. - drying ovens - cell phones - report all personal injuries to Greg Callow within 24 hours (accident/injury report) - if working in remote areas – itinerary and daily check in.

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