SES Seminar Guest Dr. Bob Hanner

Date and Time



Alexander Hall 218


"Taking the lab to the field: eDNA point-of-need detection for aquatic species "

Abstract: Large-scale efforts to characterize biodiversity at the molecular genetic level have empowered new approaches to species identification that extend to early life stages and fragmentary remains which are not readily identifiable using traditional approaches. These molecular methods are so sensitive that they also facilitate the passive detection of species from DNA that is shed into the environment (eDNA), which has the potential to revolutionize biomonitoring - particularly in aquatic environments. However, better knowledge concerning the ecology of eDNA (e.g. its origin, state, transport, fate) is needed to aid interpretation of eDNA signals (or the lack thereof) obtained from the environment given the potential for contamination and signal degradation. This talk will discuss new efforts underway to overcome some of these limitations by taking the lab into the field to support targeted detection for aquatic species-at-risk and other valued ecosystem component species.

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