Robert Hall

Professor Emeritus (College)
Phone number: 
(519) 824-4120 Ext.53631


BAgrSc, PhD Melbourne


Biology and control of plant diseases.


Mpofu, S.I. and R. Hall. 2003.

  • Accuracy and precision of population estimates of Verticillium dahliae on growth media in quantitative soil assays.  Can. J. Bot. 81: 294-306.

Mpofu, S.I. and R. Hall. 2002.

  • Effect of annual sequence of removing or flaming potato vines and fumigating soil on verticillium wilt of potato. Amer. J. Potato Res. 79: 1-7.

Peters, R.D., H. Forster, H.W. Platt, R. Hall and M.D. Coffey. 2001.

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