Rob Nicol

Adjunct faculty
Phone number: 
(519) 674-1500 Ext. 63641


BES University of Waterloo
MSc University of Ottawa
PhD University of Western Ontario


I mainly complete research on the development of biofuels and other types of renewable energy, as well as the bioconversion of biofuel co-products to useful chemicals.  For example, I am currently working on biodiesel production from plant or recycled oils.  I am also using microbes (algae, bacteria and fungi) to remediate biodiesel waste streams and to create new biofuel feedstocks and bioproducts.

I am the biofuels lead researcher at the Centre for Agricultural Renewable Energy and Sustainability (CARES) based at Ridgetown Campus (  This has allowed me to work at the large scale of the biodiesel demonstration facility as well at the lab bench scale (and at other places in between).

I also complete research on plant-microbe and plant-insect interactions, usually within agroecosystems.  I have been working on the chemical ecology of ginseng and the role ginseng phytochemicals play in the fungal diseases of this crop for several years.  In addition, I am currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the biodiversity of insects in biomass crops.

Current Research Projects:

  • in partnership with an industrial ethanol producer, I am evaluating the use of yeasts to convert biofuel co-products to oil and biosurfactants
  • in partnership with a greenhouse vegetable producer, I am investigating the efficacy of bioresource and wastewater formulations in controlling plant pathogens and acting as a source of renewable nutrients 
  • in partnership with a waste diversion company and the National Research Council, I am investigating biogas production from alternative feedstocks


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NSERC, OMAF, OMAFRA, Agricultural Adaptation Council


Arthur Neish Young Investigator Award, Phytochemical Society of North America