Lauren Quinn

Adjunct Professor
Phone number: 
(708) 753-3709
Off campus



B.A., Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana
Ph.D. Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California




General areas of interest include terrestrial and aquatic invasive
plant ecology, plant community dynamics, and environmental policy. The long-term objective of my research program is to understand
relationships between invasive plants and their biotic and abiotic
environments to quantify impacts and to predict which habitats are
most susceptible to invasion. My research program is primarily field
based, but I collaborate with colleagues to explore genetic diversity
of invasive plant populations, to understand relationships between
invasive plants and microbial symbionts, and to model suitable habitat for invaders across large spatial scales. I am currently collaborating with Jonathan Newman's lab at the University of Guelph to quantify the potential impacts of invasion by bioenergy crops in Ontario.