Jose Luis (Pepe) Rodriguez Gil

PhD candidate (ENVB+TOX)
Phone number: 
(519) 824-4120 Ext. 8918


UoG Program: PhD Environmental Biology and Toxicology

Advisor: Paul Sibley and Keith Solomon

MSc. Environmental Science and Technology - Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain)

BSc. Environmental Sciences - Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain)


Pulsed exposure toxicity of Glyphosate formulations to freshwater organisms



  • Mendoza A, Rodriguez-Gil JL, Gonzalez-Alonso S, Mastroiannic N, Lopez de Alda M, Barceló D, Valcarcel Y. (2014) Drugs Of Abuse And Benzodiazepines In The Madrid Region (Central Spain): Seasonal Variation In River Waters, Occurrence In Tap Water And Potential Ecotoxicological Risk. Environment International. In Press
  • Baxter L, Brain R, Rodriguez-Gil JL, Hosmer A, Solomon K, Hanson M. (2014) Response of the green alga Oophila sp., a salamander endosymbiont, to a PSII-inhibitor under laboratory conditions. Environmental Science and Chemistry. In Press
  • Rodriguez-Gil JL,San Sebastian Sauto J, Alonso S, Sanchez Sanchez P, Valcarcel Y, Catala M. (2013) Development of Cost-Effective Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Irrigated Areas in Mediterranean Regions: Traditional and New Approaches in a Changing World. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 181 41–49
  • Valcárce Y, González Alonso S, Catalá M, Rodríguez-Gil JL,Castaño A, Criado JJ, Mirón I, Montero JC.  (2012) Seasonal variation of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) in surface water (Tagus River) and tap water of a western Mediterranean area (Central Spain). Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 20 (3) 1396-1412 
  • Brodersen J, Rodriguez-Gil, J.L., Jönsson, M., Hansson, L-A., Brönmark, C., Nilsson, P.A., Nicolle, A., Berglund, O. 2011 Temperature and resource availability can interactively affect over-winter success of young-of-the-year fish in a changing climate. PLoS ONE. 6 (10), e24022.
  • Valcárcel Y, González Alonso S, Rodríguez-Gil JL, Gil A, Catalá M. 2011. Detection of pharmaceutically active compounds in the rivers and tap water of the Madrid Region (Spain) and potential ecotoxicological risk. Chemosphere. 84 (10) 1336–1348
  • Valcárcel, Y; González Alonso, S; Rodriguez-Gil, J.L.;Romo R; Gil, A; Catalá, M. 2011. Analysis of the presence of cardiovascular and analgesic/anti-inflammatory/antipyretic drugs in fluvial and drinking water of the Madrid Region in Spain. Chemosphere. 82 (7), 1062-1071
  • Rodriguez-Gil JL, Catalá M, González Alonso S, Romo Maroto R, Valcarcel Y, Segura Y, Molina R, Melero JA, Martínez F. 2010 Heterogeneous photo-fenton treatment for the reduction of pharmaceutical contamination in Madrid rivers and ecotoxicological evaluation by a miniaturized fern spores bioassay. Chemosphere. 80 (4) 381–388
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  • Catala M, Esteban M, Rodriguez-Gil JL, Quintanilla LG. 2009. Development of a naturally miniaturised testing method based on the mitochondrial activity of fern spores: a new higher plant bioassay. Chemosphere 77 (7) 983-8.


Book Chapters

  • Catala, M. Rodriguez-Gil, J.L., 2010. Chronic phytotoxicity in gametophytes: DNA as biomarker of growth and chlorophyll autofluorescence as biomarker of cell function. In: A. Kumar, Fernández, H. Revilla-Bahillo, A. (Eds.). Working with Ferns: Issues and Applications. Springer, London, pp.


Reviews for Peer Reviewed Jornals

  • Ecotoxicology (1 manuscript in 2011)
  • Chemosphere  (1 Manuscript in 2012, 2 manuscripts in 2013)



2012: NSERC CREATE Training Program in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment (HERA). (PDF)

2011: U of G Toxicology Program International Student Award (Fall semester)

2011: Travel grant awarded by SETAC North America to participate in the 32nd SETAC NA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, USA.

2011: U of G Toxicology Program International Student Award (Winter semester)

2011: SES International Graduate Student Award (Winter semester)

2010: Aquatic Toxicity Workshop, 2nd best Poster Award at the 37th Annual Aquatic Toxicity Workshop celebrated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2010: Laurentian SETAC, Best PhD Poster Award at the 15th Annual General Meeting celebrated in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Canada.

2009: SES International Graduate Student Award

2009: University of Guelph,  SES Director's Runner-Up Award for his dissertation proposal presentation.

2009:  “La Caixa” fellowship.  Fellowship awarded by “La Caixa” Foundation and the Foundation for Canadian Studies (Spain) for pre-doctoral studies in Canada.

2008:  Travel grant awarded by the Student Advisory Council of SETAC Europe to participate in the 1st Young Environmental Scientis meeting in Landau, Germany

2007:  "Premio extraordinario de fin de carrera", Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid Spain), for the highest GPA among the Environmental Sciences graduates in the class of 2007.