World Soil Day

Date and Time


Alexander Hall 265


You are invited to coffee, hotcider and treats this Friday, December 5th to celebrate World Soil Day.

On the 5th December 2014, for the first time in history, the UN World Soil Day will be celebrated.

The United Nations will officially celebrate this event in Bangkok, Rome, New York and Santiago, while other celebrations will take place in other parts of the world. Furthermore, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils to advocate for the sustainable management of this essential resource.

Did you know?

Soil is the basis for food, feed, fuel and fibre production and for services to ecosystems and human well-being.

It is the reservoir for at least a quarter of global biodiversity, and therefore requires the same attention as above-ground biodiversity. Soils play a key role in the supply of clean water and resilience to floods and droughts. The largest store of terrestrial carbon is in the soil so that its preservation may contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Soils also serve as a platform and source for construction and raw materials. The maintenance or enhancement of global soil resources is essential if humanity’s need for food, water, and energy security is to be met.

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