Plant Grinder Training Session - Winter 2015

Date and Time


Main lobby of ANNU (Bldg 70)



Winter 2015 - Plant grinder training session for use of the facility in the Dept of Animal & Poultry Science.

Reminder that this one below is free - if you have to schedule a separate one you will have to pay.

Session is for ANY individual who may be in need of Plant Grinder training. Personnel CAN NOT use the facility unless they have received the training. The NEXT session will not likely occur until the following semester, so please plan ahead.

Date: Friday Feb 20 2015
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00
Meet: in the main lobby of APS (ANNU bldg. 70), by the coffee cart.

NOTE: If you require training, but are unavailable for this date, please advise us NOW.

To sign up for the training (or a refresher), please email BOTH Manfred and Linda (see below), and include the following:

Your name
Phone ext.
Your Supervisor’s name

Any questions, please direct to the sender by email. Thank you.

Manfred Hansel
Linda Trouten-Radford


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