Graduate Research Seminar ENVS*6900 Day 3

Date and Time


Murray Room, Graham Hall 3301


Thesis Proposal Defenses (Student, title, and advisor) 9:00 Capes, Donovan Using heat as a tracer in angled boreholes sealed with underground liners to characterize the fracture network of an exposed bedrock river (B. Parker) 9:30 MacKay, David Clothianidin residues in corn fields and their impact on honey bee survival, foraging behaviour, honey production and colony development (E. Guzman) 10:00 Morfin-R., Nuria Interaction and effect of the insecticide clothianidin and the parasitic mite Varroa destructor on honey bee health (E. Guzman) 10:30 Walter, Deanna Nutrient dynamics in a short rotation woody coppice plantation in southern Ontario, Canada (A. Gordon, N. Thevathesan) 11:00 Minigan, Jordan Consequences of climate change for tick-borne bovine anaplasmosis and its vector, the American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis), in Ontario (J. Newman) 11:30 Laird, Amanda Metal mixtures in soils: Improving tools for risk assessment (B. Hale) 12:00 Zwayyer, Zainab Production of blast furnace suitable biochar from pulp and paper industrial waste products (A. Gordon)

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