ENVS Thesis Proposal Defences: Winter-2015 Graduate Research Seminar, ENVS*6900

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Tuesday, 7 April, 9:00-12:00  (Rm. 265 Alexander Hall)     

9:00 Angela Dukes (Advisors:  Kari Dunfield and Pedro Atunes)Pathogen Interactions:  A Mechanism by which the Invasive Plant Vincetoxicum rossicum Achieves Plant Community Dominance

9:30 Mila Mari (Advisor:  Richard Heck) Quantifying the Influence of Agricultural Management Systems on Soil Structural Quality Using X-ray Computed Tomography

10:00 Brenden Bertrand Advisor: Mike Dixon)>Efficacy of Ozone-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes in Treating Recirculated Hoticultural Wastewater

10:30 Samantha Brimble (Advisors: Paul Sibley ; Mehran Alaee)Phthalate esters in the Canadian aquatic environment: their occurrence, sources, and fate

11:00 Sundes Alammi (Advisor:  Marc Habash) The Genetic and Physiological Diversity of Clostridium difficile in Relation to the Antimicrobial Activity of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria

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