PhD Thesis Examination - Komathy Prapagar

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Komathy Prapagar will defend her PhD thesis "Quantifying the variability and dynamics of soil hydromorphism in the riparian buffer systems" 

Advisor: Dr. Richard Heck

Advisory Committee: Dr. Naresh Thevathasan & Dr. Asim Biswas

Everyone is welcome.

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Soil redox (Eh) behaviour is fundamental in developing hydromorphic features such as gleying and mottling. Riparian zones are characterized by fluctuating soil moisture levels; consequently, the soils can exhibit considerable variability in soil redox conditions. As such, soil hydromorphism can vary with time and space. The frequency of soil redox changes is reflected on the dynamics of soil hydromorphism. The research goal was to explore the potential use of EM‐38 electrical conductivity (EC) and magnetic susceptibility (MS) in field measurement combined with laboratory Fe oxide characterization to understand soil redox dynamics in the Riparian Buffer Systems. The current study finding suggests that soil redox condition is variable with time and space in the riparian buffer soils, which is reflected on soil magnetic susceptibility.

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