ENVS6900 Seminar announcements Tuesday. Nov.28th

Date and Time


Alexander Hall 337


Lindsey Jackson At 1:00 pm  "Assessment of Duckweed for Remediation of Greenhouse Nutrient Feedwater and Production of Biomass"

Tolulope Mafa-Attoye At 1:30 pm "Characterization of soil microbial communities responsible for nitrogen cycling in riparian agroforestry systems"

                                     Jared Lapierre At 2:00 pm  "Implications of a diverse crop rotation with cover crop mixtures, and winter warming for soil nitrate leaching: A lysimeter approach using two soils"

                                     Darcy Fallaise At 2:30 pm "Characterization of non-aqueous phase liquids using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy"





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