ENVS 6730 Special Topics in Environmental Earth Science: Ecohydrology (ENVS*6730)

Code and section: ENVS*6730*02

Term: Winter

Instructor: Genevieve Ali


This course introduces the emerging discipline of ecohydrology, which focuses on interactions and feedbacks between the elements of the water cycle, ecosystems and organisms. The emphasis will be on how hydrological processes regulate ecological ones and vice versa, using a blend of theory, quantitative tools and case studies. Specific course topics will include – but not be limited to: runoff and flow generation, thresholds and memory effects in streams, wetlands and watersheds, the use of environmental tracers (e.g., fluorescent dyes, isotopes) for knowledge discovery, ecohydrological models, and the response of ecohydrological systems to natural and human disturbances. Students will also learn to synthesize recent literature, collect and analyze data from open-access databases, and perform ecohydrological system analysis.


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