SES Templates

Available SES Print Material

Templates for letter-sized posters for SES Seminar announcements, Thesis defenses etc will be available here.

Modifications to these templates are permitted for specific uses, but any additional text and design elements must use the approved SES Corporate colours (see the SES Logo Guidelines document for more information). 

Modified OR5s both allow for electronic signatures

The fields can be filled in, you can either sign electronically or import a digital image of a signature, and it can be saved.  To save time each researcher can save their own template with their name/dept and other common details already input.

NOTE: In the event you haven& applied digital (electronic) signatures to a PDF the setting up your digital signature which you only need to do once.

Don't worry about the size of the font in the Proposal Title field.  It will reduce automatically as you populate the field and press enter.

There are two versions attached: - the first for those who are comfortable using the adobe signature option (not the Echosign but just a digital signature set up via Adobe) -the second is if you want to import a digital image of your signature using the insert image feature in Adobe. The first option is much quicker once your digital signature is set up on your system (PC and/or laptop); which only takes one time per device.

If you would prefer to use your signature image as part of your digital signature and need help at all with setting that up I'd be happy to walk you through it, takes about 10 minutes to set up.

Leigh West ,Manager, Research and Graduate Operations, OAC Office: 519-824-4120, Ext.: 52101 email: